New Home Program

The TitlePLUS New Home Program was developed with lawyers and home buyers in mind. It offers centrally administered underwriting to save you and your staff time and reduce disbursement costs for your clients.

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Because the underwriting details for the property are already completed, lawyers do not:

  • Search or review title
  • Prepare and send requisitions
  • Prepare, send out, and review responses to clearance letters
  • Deal with blanket mortgage discharges


  • Easy point-and-click process saves time
  • Centralized underwriting for the entire development reduces work
  • Clients have peace of mind with a TitlePLUS® policy
  • For projects enrolled with the New Home Program (see list of current projects), TitlePLUS will insure a non-approved private mortgage lender, even if the principal is greater than $500K


If you are a TitlePLUS subscriber, start right away. Simply log into with your current credentials. You will be asked to read and accept updated terms of use.

While existing lawyer subscribers don’t have to register, we are asking that clerks register as new users. This increases security and allows for more personalised service and added convenience for clerks. Clerks can register at To allow clerks to access your deals, please remember to authorize their access.

If you are not a TitlePLUS subscriber, visit to register.


  1. Log into
  2. Click on New Order
  3. Follow the prompts to “Transaction Type” and choose “Purchase (new)”
  4. Answer “Yes” to the pop up question “Is this property enrolled in New Home Program?”
  5. Type in either the “condo plan number” or the “subdivision plan number.”
  6. Follow the prompts to the end
  7. Order the policy

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the maximum purchase price for houses and condominiums in developments in the New Home Program?

The purchase price limit is $5 million (including HST), with no additional due diligence required for transactions from $1 million to $5 million.

2. Do I need to confirm occupancy?


3. When do I need to obtain my own up-to-date status certificate?

Always obtain a clear status certificate on or before closing.

4. When do I need an execution search?

Undertake execution searches against all purchaser(s) if the application contains mortgage(s) to be insured. To reduce search costs, you may combine the names of two individuals on one search if their last names are identical.

5. What should I do with mortgages on title?

If mortgages are not discharged on closing, obtain vendor’s solicitor’s undertaking to discharge all mortgages on title. If lender is a ‘lending client’ within Rule 3.4-13 of the Law Society of Ontario’s Rules of Professional Conduct, undertaking to register discharge up to 90 days after closing is acceptable. If other type of corporate lender, undertaking must be to register discharge by the next business day after closing at the latest.

6. Where do I confirm whether the development is in the TitlePLUS New Home Program?

When creating an order, you can check by selecting “Yes” for “Is this property enrolled in New Home Program?” and typing in the condo or subdivision plan number. You will then see a pop-up message if it is enrolled in New Home Program.

7. Where do I find the last registered instrument?

The closing instructions of the order will give you the particulars of the last registered instrument as well as closing instructions.

8. Should I call TitlePLUS when the last registered instrument does not match what is posted on the website?

Yes. Call to advise us of the discrepancy for all documents except the following:

  • discharges of mortgages or other encumbrances;
  • postponements;
  • part-lot control exemption by-laws, any condominium by-laws even if they are not described in the vendor’s lawyer’s title advice statement/title memorandum;
  • reference plans;
  • parcelization transfers from builder to itself; and
  • transfers of part of a lot or block to other purchasers, and mortgages given by these purchasers.

9. Are Non-Approved Private Mortgage Lenders insured with the TitlePLUS New Home Program?

For projects enrolled with the TitlePLUS New Home Program, TitlePLUS will insure both approved and non-approved private mortgage lenders up to $5 million