In Ontario, TitlePLUS commercial title insurance policies cover condominiums, stores, restaurants, offices, mixed use commercial & residential properties, multi-unit residential properties with 7 or more units, industrial properties, farms and vacant land, with a purchase price up to $5M.

Policy coverage includes:

  • Someone else owns an interest in the property
  • Liens and charges on the property
  • Arrears of realty taxes and public utility charges
  • Fraud and forgery before and after closing
  • Unmarketability due to defects that would have been disclosed by an up-to-date survey
  • Work orders, open building permits and work done without a permit
  • Zoning by-law not permitting the existing use of the property
  • Violations of the zoning by-law with respect to the structures on the property
  • Lack of legal access to the property
  • Breaches of restrictive covenants
  • Encroachments onto the property built after closing
  • Gap coverage
  • Legal Services: Standard, automatic coverage for lawyer’s errors and omissions in providing legal services for the transaction in most cases

Please refer to the policy and commercial endorsements for full details, including actual terms and conditions.

TitlePLUS insurance is the only wholly Canadian owned title insurance product available in Canada.