TitlePLUS helps you conduct your lending business with peace of mind by moving the risk associated with title from you, the lawyer or the borrower, to the title insurer, while ensuring you continue to have the benefit of legal advice.

Our lender policies are drafted with mortgage-specific issues in mind, offering a range of endorsements to provide tailored solutions.

TitlePLUS insurance for lenders provides coverage for issues related to mortgage validity, priority or enforceability issues, unforeseen problems with title, surveys, zoning issues and more, even if they are not discovered until years after the transaction is completed. The legal costs associated with defending title to the property in the case of fraud is also covered.

TitlePLUS lender policies automatically include coverage for any error or omission on the part of the lawyer handling the transaction for which liability would be imposed by law, and specifically covers failure to register documents, remove encumbrances or improperly adjust items on closing.

The premium for a TitlePLUS title insurance policy is paid only once and lasts as long as the mortgage is registered on title even if the mortgage is transferred or amended.

TitlePLUS insurance is the only wholly Canadian owned title insurance product available in Canada and is backed by LAWPRO and the experience of real estate lawyers.

Residential properties covered:
houses, condominiums, cottages, rural properties, residential rentals with up to 6 units and vacant land with a purchase price up to $5M.

Commercial properties covered:
commercial condominiums, properties containing stores, restaurants and/or offices, alone or in combination with residential dwelling units, multi-unit residential properties containing 7 or more dwelling units, industrial properties, and vacant land intended for commercial purposes, with mortgage amounts up to $5M.